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Coming out of the sunny sleaze of Southern California, jaded journalist Lou Kermonet has traveled the western world to privately investigate public instigation of fraud, false witness and general fecklessness. Like the bulb in a microscope illuminating filthy germs, his work shines a devastatingly bright light on foul deeds and dead files. A force for anarchy in the controlled world of platitudes, plutocracy and planetary conformity, Kermonet will mow through legions of liars to mop up for one innocent victim. He’s organized anti-war rallies, broken oceans of glass and planted sunflowers under the light of the moon. While caroming through Europe he crossed swords with neo-fascists, blockaded old-guard Communists and exposed vulture capitalists. The Internet is a machine that can educate or hypnotize; Kermonet is using it to bulldoze the bad guys.
Entries posted by Lou_Kermonet

Hippy Con-Woman Pulled the Organic Linen Over Her Victims’ Eyes

St. Augustine, FL – Birkenstock-clad 60-something Lydia Cladek sponsored animal rescue charities to impress her Ponzi scheme victims.  Their money went to the dogs and she ended up in a cage in Federal prison. The Florida scamster orchestrated a $100 million pyramid racket named after herself for over ten years, a jury found.  She used […]

Two-time flim flam artist Nicholas Cosmo wants less jail time for himself.  His ruined victims want more. The Ponzi scammer who ripped off investors both locally in New York and around the world is appealing his 25-year prison sentence but so far has not contested the $179 million he owes in restitution to the mostly […]

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