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“Amish Bernie Madoff” Money Manager Gets Light Sentence for Fraud

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — The penalty for stealing $17 million from 2,700 victims and wiping out their life savings is only 6 1/2 years of prison, according to the sentence recently imposed – or perhaps more accurately said, gifted – by a U.S. District Court to Monroe Beachy of Ohio. Six-and-a-half years of prison for $17 […]

Cleveland, OH – Monroe L. Beachy, of Sugarcreek near Columbus, an Amish man charged with defrauding other Amish of nearly $16.8 million, plead guilty of fraud.  Beachy, aged 77 years, owner of Sugarcreek-based A&M Investments, has been indicted for falsely promising to make safe investments of about $16.8 million on behalf of nearly 2,700 persons […]

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